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Beautiful FMB...

August 13, 2014
Fort Myers Beach Bulletin, Fort Myers Beach Observer

To the editor:

Welcome to Fort Myers Beach, known for it's beautiful beaches and soft sugar-sand, but..... make sure you bring a shovel and a rake if you want to see the sand or if you want to walk to the water!!!!

"They" tell me this is environmentally correct, it provides food for the birds and collects great shells. I walk the beach just about every day and on some days I see no birds, some days a few birds and I have never seen anyone dig in this muck for a treasured shell. My gifts from the sea have always been found on dry, clean, white, sugar-sand, and I have some beauties!

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For many years my family has spent our summer vacation on the Jersey shores. Every morning they rake the beaches and I have seen many more birds on the Jersey shores than I have ever seen on FMB and their dunes are thriving and still there!!!!

Don't get me wrong, I like to be "environmentally correct," after all, it is the "politically correct" thing to do! I'm not asking to clean the beach every day. However, when your front yard stinks and looks like a garbage dump, I think it is time to take some action..... Maybe I should call Channel 4 Action News..... maybe they can help!

I have talked to some of our Council members and I have sent a few emails. One member told me to explain the environmental impact and the visitors and residents will understand. Believe me.... no one I spoke to does. Many respond that they are visiting, but will not be back. So, I tell all of them to call Town Hall, but, they don't!!!

I think it is about time we talk about a compromise. This rotten algae is a mess, it stinks, it's dirty and it collects broken glass beer bottles, rusted beer cans, I have even seen soiled diapers and much more!!!! PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, save our beautiful beaches....

Is anyone listening? Does anyone care?

Bobbi Kemp

Fort Myers Beach

P.S. Please note, this letter was written while the beach was in a deplorable condition. Hopefully, at the time of publication this condition will have vastly improved. However, the next time we have red algae or unsightly runoffs, I urge the Town to have a system in place to remove this debris in a more timely manor.



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