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Local clean water candidates for Council emerges

March 5, 2014
Fort Myers Beach Bulletin, Fort Myers Beach Observer

To the editor:

Summer Stockton and Chuck Bodenhafer, who are running for town council, took the pledge for clean water as an oath by signing the declaration for clean water.

The pledge states to promise to act upon being leaders and good stewards to our ecosystem and environment here in Florida, while speaking up to the problems at hand as a leader. With troubled waterways from the Lake O discharges that cause pollution, loss of tourism, economical hardships, deaths and illness to our wildlife and sea life, algae blooms and red ride along with some really "dirty water" along our coasts and rivers, we have decided to only vote in clean water candidates.

By signing the pledge for clean water, Summer Stockton and Chuck Bodenhafer have become the two of the first potential, local political figures on Fort Myers Beach to sign it for the protection of our area from the discharges that could ruin our town, while being committed to the reality of what it takes to be a good steward to our water ways and its health. We as clean water activists ask for all running candidates for local office to sign the clean water pledge as did Summer and Chuck. We also as clean water activists (400,000 strong statewide), have made a commitment to only vote for clean water candidates. Summer and Chuck now have our votes locally. I encourage all of the Beach who care deeply about the health of our water ways to do the same. Vote for Summer and Chuck as clean water candidates for FMB. Summer's and Chuck's commitments to our town is awesome! The number one issue at hand here locally is water quality! Without a voice to it, we will sadly endure many more years as the dumping ground from Lake O into our beaches and river, while destroying out number one revenue source: tourism. We as a community of FMB and we as water quality activists highly endorse Summer and Chuck to be elected as our newest town council board members. The only way to create real change to our water problems is to meet at the ballot box and select those candidates that are willing to fight for us and our island water ways. Vote clean water! Vote Summer and Chuck as clean water candidates! It's your futures that depend on it. See ya at the ballot box for clean water on Fort Myers Beach and to end the Lake O discharges. It takes effort and courage to do so, as Summer Stockton had proven to take on that very challenge at hand.

John. G. Heim

Fort Myers Beach



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