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Councilman seeks respect for Town staff

--Guest commentary--

December 31, 2013
By Bob Raymond , Fort Myers Beach Bulletin, Fort Myers Beach Observer

I am at a point now that I think a few people are trying to control our town. They are doing it with many charges against our Town staff. If they are right or wrong, that will come out. Let the chips fall where they may.

The tactic they use is tying up staff time by having them look up large amount of past emails, letters and codes for them. It is a right they have, but are they only on a fishing trip in hopes of hitting pay dirt?

The next tactic is an accusation stating that "they are not taxpayers that live in Fort Myers Beach." What does that have to do with a professional doing their job? Do all the accusers and their families, all live and work only on Fort Myers Beach? How many Islanders live on the beach but work off beach? Does that mean they do not do a professional job whereever they work?

I think that they think that, if you throw enough dirt on the wall, something will stick. Now, they are digging up things from the past, that have never been proved saying, "see, I told you so."

I have been on the Town Council for more than five years, and I think they are the best staff I have worked with. Are they always right, heck no, but how many of us are always right?

The time has come to stop all this nasty name-calling and get to work like the thoughtful Islanders we are.

I love this Town, my job on Council and have no favorites. I have represented all our Islanders equally, as it should be. All of us on Council and staff are dedicated to our Town.

I hope everyone had a great Christmas and that we all have a peaceful and rewarding New Year.

Bob Raymond is a Council member for the Town of Fort Myers Beach. This is his personal viewpoint and not the viewpoint of the Beach Council as a whole.



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