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Dirty water means loss of jobs on FMB

October 16, 2013
Fort Myers Beach Bulletin, Fort Myers Beach Observer

To the editor:

This Saturday, Oct. 19, there will be a staged rally on Fort Myers Beach to demand an end to the Lake O runoffs that are crippling our local tourism based economy. Beginning at noon until 3 p.m., we will have a "Floridians for Clean Water Rally" in Crescent Beach Family Park to help educate and participate in a call to action upon our shared reality, which is the Lake O discharges.

Now is our time to take a collective stand against this ecological disaster happening in our front and back yards. We invite all of you to attend, and we want you to know that this is a family event for the love of our beach. We encourage participants to be proactive in your own community, while now is our time! There will be plenty of speakers from the west and east coast who are ecologically based who will attend as well as many east and west coast business folks speaking as well during the rally.

We also plan a massive hands across the sand from 2 to 3 p.m. to show unity for our shared cause and our shared love for our waterways. It's not a question of how we do this, as much a question of why! We do this because it is our moral obligation to stand up for our home when it needs us to.

Now is our time FMB. Now is your time FMB. We encourage all of you to bring beach chairs and umbrellas to enjoy a day in the park and on the beach together as one voice being heard that we will not take this anymore as a community who relies 100 percent on tourism to survive here locally. We love you FMB, and we know that you all love our beach, so please come out Saturday to support your own cause, our cause, our shared reality, to say "No to the flow from the Lake O discharges!"

It's our responsibility to do so as coastal residents whose incomes very well could be at stake.

John. G. Heim

FMB Arts activist



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