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The third time

September 19, 2012
Fort Myers Beach Bulletin, Fort Myers Beach Observer

To the editor:

At the Democratic Convention the third time is .......

Anyone watching the Mayor of LA, Mr. Villaraigosa, trying to get the delegates to amend their platform by putting the word God back in and supporting Jerusalem as the Capitol of Israel would at best be bemused.

He called for a vote, all in favor say aye, and received a tepid response; the nays were more forceful. He tried it a second time acting a little sterner and again could not get an enthusiastic aye vote; the nays becoming more forceful. The mayor decides to do it one more time with the same results; the crowd becoming more adamant in their nays. At this point the Mayor looks over to the teleprompter (which can be seen) and reads "in the opinion of the chair, two-thirds have voted in the affirmative, the motion is adopted and the platform amended."

The boos echoed throughout the chamber.

Last September, a new Town of Fort Myers Beach Local Planning Agency put forward the expansion of alcohol into the Environmentally Critical Zone. The Council scheduled THREE Council Meetings with public input.

At the first, the majority were residents, including former Council members, mayors and writers of the Town Charter etc., opposed to this expansion and who spoke earnestly against it. At the second scheduled Council meeting, again residents voiced their displeasure. The third and final meeting mirrored the other two. At the end of this meeting, the council checked their '" teleprompter " and voted unanimously in favor of the expansion.

At least Mr. V. had the good grace to look embarrassed.

Rochelle Kay

Fort Myers Beach



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