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Resolve traffic situation for local’s sanity

March 14, 2012
Fort Myers Beach Bulletin, Fort Myers Beach Observer

To the editor:

I have lived on Fort Myers Beach for 15 years. I wouldn't go to Times Square on the north end even if everything was being giving away for free!!

Forget the Mound House, library, parks, pools, historic houses, or parking lots! Just get traffic moving. What are you thinking?!

For my neighbors and me it eliminates everything north of Santini Plaza -restaurants, golf courses, medical, dentist and all business north. It's even difficult to get home maintenance done. Contractors don't want to come to the Beach and, if they do, they have to charge more. Who can blame them?! Hours' sitting in traffic, to and from a job, and later going for necessary parts is a nightmare! What about the pollution to our industrial free and beautiful area?!

God, forbid an emergency or evacuation is needed.

Simple things like eliminating the Times Square traffic light, having a few pedestrian overpasses and having no pedestrians crossing the streets. Build in landscaping center isles to discourage jay walking and enforce the use of crossovers. The pedestrian would be safer. At the minimum it has to help. Why not??!!

Why should Fort Myers Beach be known only as the town with horrible traffic?

Gordon Policastro

Fort Myers Beach



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