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Another season begins

January 25, 2012
Fort Myers Beach Bulletin, Fort Myers Beach Observer

To the editor:

We're glad you chose to stay with us. Here's a reminder to those of you who are vacationing: part-time residents or short-term visitors.

1. Life continued down here after you left last season.

2. We continue to make improvements to our island for you to enjoy - so don't rush off island to eat & shop, try OUR great restaurants & shops and support the locals who work hard for you.

3. If you go out shelling on our beach, why not take an extra bag to pick up trash?

4. Our island is only 7-miles long - please slow down & enjoy it. No need for speed here - but do the speed limit. If you pass your turn, you can go back when you can safely turn around.

5. That being said, please be very mindful of fellow pedestrians and bicyclists who are also on BOTH sides of the road - DON'T just come out of a side street or parking lot like you are Mario Andretti. LOOK BOTH WAYS & LOOK OFTEN. YIELD to pedestrians & bikes.

6. We have our crosswalks but most people don't use them. People will cross where they want - you still have to stop and give them the right away. It's the law!

7. SMILE!!! - You're on vacation or you're retired AND you're not shoveling snow or freezing cold. You're on an ISLAND with beautiful weather. How could you NOT smile & be happy here?

9. Be respectful of the homes and condos you are in.

10. Pedestrians we see you love to take your walks - but please use the sidewalk, not the side of the road. The bikes have little room as it is.

11. Bicyclists - down here we ride with the flow of traffic please.

12. Remember our roads are crowded this time of season. Please be careful while driving, biking or walking on the streets.

13. Be respectful of those who serve you - whether it be in the bank, the grocery store, restaurants or shops. We value you as a customer, please value us as well.

E. Fernandes

Fort Myers Beach



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