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Beach Library remains open during construction

June 29, 2011
By Dr. Leroy Hommerding

Weekly Activities

Preschool Story Hour for children on Wednesday, June 29, at 10:30 a.m.

Basic Computers class on Thursday, June 20, at 10:30 a.m. Please pre-register.

Independence Day—we are closed Monday, July 4.


We are open during construction. From the number of calls that staff is receiving, many residents are concluding that because of construction fencing we are closed. We will remain open throughout the entire construction process.

For the next few weeks, please use the temporary parking on the lots accessible from School St. Simply turn onto School St and then turn into the parking area. You’ll see that a pathway is clearly marked. If you’re coming via Trolley or biking, the bridge next to the Trolley stop is open.


We are making progress and encouraged at both the pace and forward movement of the plans. The storm system currently being installed will draw the rain and installation takes time to do well. Work is being planned in conjunction with the Town public works and Beach Water.

We anticipate that FPL will arrive with the new transformer in the days after the 4th. Once this transformer is in place and operational we can begin plans for the foundation so the expansion can be put in place. Knowing that many are excited with this important addition, we look forward to the day when you’ll see floors and walls going into place.

Gone With the Wind

Now, 75 years after its original publication, “Gone With the Wind” by Margaret Mitchell (CL MIT, regular and large print) continues its journey into readers hearts and minds. When “Gone With the Wind” was originally published by Macmillan in 1936 it sold 176,000 copies. The following year the novel won the Pulitzer Prize and by the end of 1938 had sold more than a million copies. With the film in 1939 sales exceeded the two million mark (Video and Dvd GON). By this milestone, Mitchell’s work had been translated into 16 languages.

The current copyright holder is S & S (who bought Macmillan) and sells around 75,000 copies of the book every year. In addition Warner published a mass paperback edition and from 1993 to 2007 alone sold 650,000 copies.

This summer a commemorative edition is available and this American classic is likely to be around for a long time. Summer may also be a fun time to read “Scarlett: the sequel to Gone With the Wind” (RIP in regular and large print).

Focus on Long-term

“Publisher’s Weekly” recently named John Eklund as the “Rep of the Year.” I mention him, not because of the Award and he would be happy about that, but because of the ideas he holds about books.

“It makes me intensely proud to be associated with books that are big-problem, big-issue, long-term.” He prefers to focus on the long-term, rather than fleeting trends. While acknowledging that the e-book revolution to going to be “a hassle for a while” he’s convinced that booksellers will prevail if they “sell what they are committed to, are passionate about, and know most about.”

Library Hours

Don’t remember library hours? Call for information. When we are closed, a recorder gives the hours of operation, either on 765-8162 or on 765-8163. We look forward to seeing you.



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