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Zowzas! Zushi Zushi opens on Bay Walk

May 20, 2011

Comfortably nestled within the Bay Walk area on the north end of the island, all-new Zushi Zushi (201 Old San Carlos Blvd.) is proud to have opened to the Fort Myers Beach community earlier this month.

“We had a very soft, very quiet opening Cinco de Mayo,” said Barry Schrayer, co-owner of the all-new establishment, along with business partner Mi Wichitsakulrat and Mi’s wife, Pinky. “It’s been revolutionary. We have been welcomed by the Fort Myers Beach community with open arms, and we’re so humbled. It’s been picking up more and more since our quiet opening, as more and more people are realizing we’re open. Last weekend, we had an opportunity to do our first Taste of the Beach, which was so exciting. We had so much fun.”

Barry, Mi and Pinky are also business partners in their sister restaurant, Home Sushi, on Bonita Beach, and so proud to have found a new home on Fort Myers Beach.

“We love our restaurant on Bonita Beach, but have been looking to open up on Fort Myers Beach for so long. When the opportunity came up in the perfect place, we were so excited to begin the new project.” Barry said.

Upon entering the all-new Zushi Zushi, guests will be welcomed with a warm, modern and upbeat atmosphere, along with friendly staff members.

The menu offers traditional Thai and Japanese recipes, noodle dishes and traditional soups, and, of course, a full sushi experience, complete with hand-rolls, specialty rolls and sashimi.

Speaking of sushi, be sure to try some of Zushi Zushi’s signature rolls.

“Our Crazy M Roll is a foot-long eel, an entire section of eel that’s so sweet and so delicious, decorated to look like a dragon. It’s absolutely delicious,” Barry said. “And, the Mango Madness roll is one of our traditional Dragon rolls, with shrimp tempura, asparagus, thinly sliced mango on top, drizzled with a mango sauce over it, along with a complementary spicy sauce. It’s like your mouth threw a party and invited your tongue!”

Don’t worry about sticker-shock when opening the menu. Zushi Zushi’s prices are very reasonable, with lunch specials ranging from $7.95 (chicken teriyaki; Pad Thai and more) to $13.95 (all types of combo sushi/sashimi platters – the works), all-day sushi rolls ranging from $4 and up, and dinner plates starting right around $10.

“Our lunch specials are very affordable – and good-sized meals,” Barry said. “You will definitely be full.”

As for quenching your thirst, Zushi Zushi’s bar comes stocked with a full selection of beer, wine and liquor for any palate.

“We have 12 beers on tap, quite a selection, offering something for everyone, and we’re sure to keep each of them at the manufacturer’s recommended temperatures for optimal enjoyment,” Barry said. “We have Guinness (poured the traditional way), as well as my favorite beer Franziskaner, an amazing German wheat beer that’s so smooth and a little citrusy, served with an orange slice.”

Looking to try one of Zushi Zushi’s signature cocktails? Try one of the many Z-tinis the restaurant specially makes, like a Saki-tini, which Barry jokingly says “goes down way too easily.”

Not into mixed cocktails? No worries. Try one of Barry’s hand-selected, very fine, single malt scotches.

Happy hour is offered seven days a week, from 4 to 6:30 p.m., and includes discounted beer, wine, saki and well drinks.

Fitting right into the Bay Walk community so comfortably, Barry and Mi, like their neighbors, plan to host multiple events and benefits throughout the year to assist with local beach causes, charities and organizations, including the Fort Myers Beach Pirate Festival, Bikes on the Bay Walk, and much more.

“I love the beach community and the people. We still have our training wheels on, and everyone has been so accepting of that,” Barry said. “Steve (DeAngelis) from the Yucatan is just amazing with all of the fund-raisers he organizes. We will participate with him and as many charities as we can.”

Barry and Mi also plan to host a grand opening celebration within the next couple of months or so, tying the celebration in with their ribbon-cutting with the Fort Myers Beach Chamber of Commerce.

“We are certainly going to have our grand opening celebration benefit a local beach charity,” Barry said. “The way this wonderful community contributes to local organizations in need, I’m sure it will be a big success.”

Hours to Zushi Zushi are Monday to Sunday, from 11:30 a.m. to around 11 p.m. Closing times may change with the come and go of season.

Reservations are not necessary but happily accepted.

To-go offers are also accepted, and those ordering from the restaurant’s online menu receive an automatic 10 percent off their bill. Visit or call 463-9874 to place your order or make a reservation.

Article Photos

Opening to an eager Fort Myers Beach crowd, Zushi Zushi is officially open for business in the Bay Walk area of the island, offering diners a traditional Thai and Japanese menu, complete with a full and fresh sushi selection, full bar and great specials daily. Above, owners Barry Schrayer and Mi Wichitsakulrat (right), along with Gina Mazzant and Oscar Lacotera. Photo by MELISSA SCHNEIDER.



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